New Horizons 考试辅导(SAT\ACT\SSAT)& Language Arts


New Horizons' SCAT program covers both math and verbal skills. Students learn the structure and logic behind the test and are trained in test-taking strategies. 


Since 1985, the Center for Talented Youth has identified talented students in elementary grades using the School and College Ability Test (SCAT).

The SCAT has two sections, verbal and quantitative. Each section contains 55 questions and students are given 22mins for each session and 10mins for optional break.

Three Versions of SCAT

There are three different versions of SCAT:

Students in grades 2-3 take the Elementary SCAT designed for 3-6 graders.
Students in grades 4-5 take the Intermediate SCAT designed for 6-9 graders.
Students in grades 6 and above take the Advanced SCAT designed for 9-12 graders.

  • Test type: Computerized

  • Test length: 60-75 minutes

  • Test sections: Quantitative and Verbal

  • Testing dates: By appointment

  • Test locations: Prometric test centers

  • Receive test results by mail: Five weeks after test

  • View test results in MyCTY: Five business days after test

Because this is an above-grade-level test, after the test, you’ll receive information that shows how your child’s score compares to that of students in his or her grade as well as students in the higher grades for whom the test questions were originally designed.



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