New Horizons 考试辅导(SAT\ACT\SSAT)& Language Arts

Middle Years (G6-G7)


New Horizons' Middle Years Writing program is designed for sixth and seventh graders.

Middle Years students are transitioning from primary school and must learn to develop a variety of strong academic essays. Our MYW program teaches students the following necessary writing skills to develop fully organized and interesting texts. For narratives, students learn to create real or imagined experiences through sensory details and well-structured event sequences. In argument essays, we guide students in understanding how to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence. Through expository essays, students are taught to examine topics and convey ideas through the selection and organization of relevant content. Students will also obtain wide exposure to a range of reading texts and tasks. Through our focused instruction, MYW students will gain mastery in a range of writing and reading skills.


Hongqiao Campus
1F, No.480 Hongxu Road,
Minhang, SH
Jinqiao Campus
Room 203, Buiding B, No.18
Huangyang Road, Pudong,SH
Huacao Campus
2F, No.372 Xingle Road,
Minhang, Shanghai