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New Horizons was proud to offer Shanghai's first comprehensive program designed specifically for ACT test takers early in 2012.

In 2015,New Horizons updated a new, intensive, 35-hour ACT course which will better help students excel in all five of the ACT's subject tests -- English, math, reading, science, and writing. 

Our expert instructors fucus on the unique content and pacing of the ACT: we help students master more advance ACT math concepts and teach them how to read and interpret scientific reports and respond to science questions quickly and accurately. We go beyond the basics and teach proven strategies for tackling every type of exam question.This allows students to maximize the value of their study time and achieve a stellar ACT score.


Class Information:

  • A brand new, comprehensive, 35-hour course

  • Covers all ACT subject tests – English, math, reading, science, and essay writing

  • Puts emphasis on scientific reasoning and challenging math problems

  • Comprehensively reviews reading and grammar skills

  • Algebra I and II, geometry, basic statistics and trigonometry

  • Science terminology, chart and graph review

How is the ACT different from the new SAT?

There are a few big differences between the ACT and new SAT.

First, the New SAT doesn’t have a science section. The “science” section of the ACT is easy to master , and has nothing to do with science. But if you hate it, then the New SAT is your savior. 

Second, the essays are different. Both tests come with optional essays. The ACT essay asks you to come up with your own argument and support it – the New SAT essay asks you to evaluate an argument that someone else has already written for you. Neither is easier or harder – it’s just an issue of personal preference. 

Third,the New SAT has a few fill-in-the-blank math problems, and half of the math problems don’t allow calculator use. The ACT lets you use a calculator on all its math problems, and all the answers are multiple choice. The New SAT has a “with calculator” and “without calculator” section, and 13 of its problems force you to fill in your own answer. The “without calculator” problems aren’t difficult because they don’t require any difficult arithmetic, so it's not that much of an issue.

Fourth,the New SAT is far less “time intensive.” This is the big issue that really separates the two exams. The New SAT gives you far more time per problem, so it’s a much less intense testing experience. Alternatively, the ACT makes you go at a blisteringly fast pace. So if you need some more time to consider your answers, the New SAT is going to be your friend. If you can plow through questions and are super focused, then the ACT should be your exam of choice.

Will all universities accept the ACT?

Yes. All major American universities accept both the SAT and the ACT test. However, you should focus your efforts on taking one test. You don’t get extra points for submitting two tests, but you could certainly harm yourself by taking both tests.Here are the requirements by some top American universities about ACT and SAT test scores up to May 2016.


“We require all applicants to complete the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT Test with Writing and will accept both the current and the redesigned SAT scores with writing for the foreseeable future. We normally require two SAT Subject Tests.”

Princeton University
“We will accept either version of the SAT or the ACT with Writing. We do not have a preference for the old or new SAT. The old SAT, new SAT with Essay, and ACT with Writing will be treated equally.”

Yale University

“A complete application includes official scores of the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT (with Writing, where offered). We recommend, but do not require, that you take two SAT Subject Tests...For freshman applicants to the Yale Classes of 2021 and 2022, we will accept either the current SAT or the redesigned SAT and will require the essay portion on the redesigned SAT. Applicants to the Yale Class of 2023 or later will be required to submit the redesigned SAT with essay.” 

Stanford University

“The ACT Plus Writing or the SAT (Critical Reading, Math and Writing) is required...For the ACT, we will focus on the highest Composite and the highest Combined English/Writing scores from all test sittings.”

Cornell University

"You must submit your scores for either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT. Cornell University will not require students to submit the Optional Essay as part of the new SAT. Beginning with the entering Class of 2016, Cornell University will also no longer require the Writing section of the ACT."

Does my son or daughter need to enroll in a certain science course before taking the ACT?

No. The ACT science section does not  require any specific science background. Instead, the ACT requires test-takers to read articles, reports, charts and graphs related to science and answer multiple choice questions related to the reading.

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