New Horizons 考试辅导(SAT\ACT\SSAT)& Language Arts

Mission Statement

mission statement.jpgWhen we were young, we were a lot like your kids: smart, ambitious, and eager to learn. Above all, we were eager to take on new challenges and prove ourselves.

We are older and wiser, now – we’ve gone to  university (yes, some of us have even gone to a fancy Ivy League university), and we’ve studied and worked around the world. Our love of learning and sharing knowledge with students has motivated us to make a career of doing what we love: inspiring young people to be stronger writers, clearer thinkers, and more confident test takers.

We don’t advertise unattainable goals to parents or offer services that are ineffective. In fact, we don’t ‘sell’ to our students at all because education is not a commodity. Neither are our students. We promote learning, which is a simple fact often lost among the claims other companies make about their services and even about their students.

We develop our courses and tutorial programs to meet the unique needs of our students, and we treat each as having a unique and unlimited source of potential for intellectual growth. We demand exceptional performance of ourselves because we remember how good it feels to be young and inspired by an excellent teacher.

We are New Horizons.

We invite you to first explore this site, then call and schedule a visit to one of our three locations. Get to know us. Take the time to find out how we’ve helped thousands of international students succeed in school and on standardized exams – and ask us how we will challenge your child to reach his or her fullest academic potential.


School History

New Horizons was founded in 2006.

It began as a small test prep center with two teachers and a few courses. With unique concepts, quality  materials, and expert teaching strategies, it has gradually grown in size as well as in reputation.

Now it has three schools across Shanghai, offering a wide range of test preparation, language arts, and enrichment courses.


school development.jpg

Hongqiao Campus
1F, No.480 Hongxu Road,
Minhang, SH
Jinqiao Campus
Room 203, Buiding B, No.18
Huangyang Road, Pudong,SH
Huacao Campus
2F, No.372 Xingle Road,
Minhang, Shanghai