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All of our courses are taught by highly professional, native English-speaking teachers. Experience is at the core of our program. That's why our premier instructors each have several years of teaching experience in either China or overseas.

Our instructors are smart and energetic - they have scored in the top percentiles on standardized tests and are experts at keeping their students interested and involved. Before they officially lecture, they are required to be trained by New Horizons' programs directors on all material taught in the course.


 Daniel Shoecraft 

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 Erica Switzer
Daniel is an experienced test prep instructor with a degree in Law and Finance from San Diego State University. Since starting at New Horizons in 2013, Daniel has specialized in a wide range of test prep courses including SCAT, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT, teaching both group classes and one-on-one tutorials. He is also well-versed in several subject tests having taught courses in SAT II: Upper Level Math and AP US History. He excels at adjusting his lesson plans to meet the needs of individual students and has developed curriculum for both ACT and AP US History courses.Erica Switzer holds a BA in English with concentration in Creative Writing from Lake Forest College, a famous private liberal arts college in Illinois, and an MA in English Literature from DePaul University, one of the top private universities across the U.S. She began her teaching career at a Chicago-area Upward Bound program where she worked for more than two years. During this period, she taught English Language Arts courses to high school students and advised them on academics and college application writing tasks. As a teacher, Erica is committed to fostering student success in a positive and engaging learning environment.



Brian Johnson




Brenda Weston

Brian graduated from the University of oregon, completing significant coursework in mathematics at the graduate level. During his professional career, Brian has earned several teaching certifications and has taught in Shanghai, Europe, and the U.S.A. As a senior test prep instructor with New Horizons, he brings a drive and passion for helping students maximize their potential!As an experienced teacher from Canada, Brenda has been dedicated to a career of teaching for more than a decade. She graduated from the Centennial College in Toronto with a diploma in organization Communications and got her TESOL certificate in 2001. With a proven ability to work with both native and non-native students, Brenda is adept at providing appropriate and creative instructions to address various learning styles.



Danielle LeClerc



 Michelle Moors
An outstanding graduate from the University of Alberta, Danielle completed significant coursework in biology and chemistry including courses in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, ect. Danielle is an experienced teacher with over 9 years of experience. Before coming to New Horizons in 2011, she taught in both public and international schools including Shanghai Wenlai International School and Shanghai Jiaoda Nanyang Middle School. Additionally, She is a skilled writer who has published many short stories and travelogues both in Shanghai and internationally.Michelle Moors is a senior instructor with more than five years of teaching experience. Michelle is a B.A. Honors from the University of Derby in England, where she studied various aspects of visual culture. Before she came to New Horizons in 2015, she had been teaching various English courses for three years, especially the TOEFL course at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and was highly involved in developing teachers’ training programs. Due to her continued dedication, she even held the title of 'Head Teacher' . After work, Michelle is an enthusiastic traveler and sports lover.

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Adam Belcher


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 Daniel Z. Ma
Adam studied English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Greenwich in South London, then earned his M.A. in Comparative Literature from Goldsmiths, University of London, a world-renowned liberal arts college. Since coming to China, Adam has taught in universities across the country. At Hengshui University, Adam taught Western film and spoken English. In Wuxi, Adam taught TOEFL and ESL. Adam then spent two years teaching at Gengdan College, Beijing University of Technology. He taught writing for academic purposes, intercultural communication, and Western culture. He has recently relocated to Shanghai and currently teaches language arts.Daniel is an American from New Jersey, and a graduate of Brown University, one of the elite Ivy League universities. Daniel’s degree is in History and Comparative English Literature. He discovered his love of teaching 5 years ago, while working as an intern at the Cato Institute, a think-tank in Washington D.C. After graduation, Daniel began his career by teaching in Russia, where he taught a variety of English language courses to students of all ages at American English Centers. Apart from his strong academic background, Daniel is a young man with an international vision, who speaks fluent English, French, Russian, and Chinese.

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