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AP/IB Chemistry

New Horizons unveiled a new AP/IB Chemistry course in August 2016 to help students excel in this higher-level science.

High school chemistry is not difficult in essence. It is mainly about a few foundational concepts that get applied again and again in different types of questions. We have discovered from years of experience that in most cases, students run into trouble because they don't understand that foundational material well enough or haven't been taught how to apply it to their questions. Once we help them build a solid foundation and guide them on how to use it, all they need is to do different types of practice questions to excel.

Class Information

  • A comprehensive 30-hour course with one mock test

  • Unique in-house materials to assist teaching and learning, including textbooks, worksheets, quizzes, diagrams and graphics

  • Fills in the gaps in students’ foundational knowledge of chemistry

  • Deep focus on the theory that backs up the math

  • Advises on AP/IB test-taking strategies with intensive training and practice

  • Enhances students' reading skills to correctly read their textbooks and understand test questions

  • Applies extra practice to more advanced topics


What are the common question types that usually confuse students?

One type of "curve ball" question is where one answer may look like an obvious choice, but in fact the student is required to think more deeply and recognize that a less obvious answer is actually the correct one. Another type of "curve ball" question is one where the student is asked to explain a phenomenon that was not specifically addressed in class. They must look at the information provided and apply their general chemistry knowledge to explain it. All in all, strong foundational knowledge makes these types of questions much easier.

What should students pay attention to? What to read?

Students should read their textbooks because that is the resource that corresponds most closely to their tests. A very important skill in science is to be able to use these resources effectively. In class, we teach students how to use and understand their science textbooks. If their teacher has not provided a textbook, they usually have class notes and PPTs to follow. Unfortunately, sometimes these notes prove to be inadequate. Parents would be well advised to try to buy an official AP/IB chemistry textbook online. If this is not an option, students should ask their teacher in school what resources he or she would recommend to supplement the in-class notes. Students should be careful about using random internet resources because these frequently either don't go into enough detail or go into too much detail, which can make it more difficult for students to get through the required material.

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