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To Kill A Mockingbird | Book Review

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Growth is an eternal topic and theme for novels and literature. But few coming of age stories have captivated us as much as the classic To Kill A Mockingbird. In the story three children experience many trying situations as they are growing up that include emotions of - pain and confusion, sadness and anger, but also warmth and tenderness. This is a classic book of love in a time of great troubles and uncertainty.


Harper Lee (1926 – 2016)

Born in Alabama, USA, she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize Award for fiction for To Kill A Mockingbird in 1961. Lee and Truman Capote (author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s) were neighbors and good friends. To Kill A Mockingbird is now recognized as an American literary classic.

To Kill A Mockingbird has gained a reputation as one of the most loved novels in history. It has been translated into more than forty languages and has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. The film adaption from the novel also won three Oscar awards.

To Kill A Mockingbird has one of the highest borrowing rates in American libraries and it is also one of the most commonly used books for American primary and secondary school language arts curriculums. And it is also a favorite novel of British teenagers.

There are many points in this novel worth exploring. In the novel, Atticus is a lawyer and the father of two children. The mother of the children died very early, and he has taken on the responsibility of raising the children alone. Atticus has always been respected and loved by the people of the town, and his ideas and methods in family education are also worth learning and discussing.

Through Atticus’ self-perseverance others can learn empathy  

Atticus, the father in our story, never went to school but this did not prevent him from becoming a lawyer through self-study, and from becoming one of the most respected lawyers in town. He reads a variety of things every morning including newspapers, legal briefs, and even sometimes a pastor's diary. 

When Scout, the daughter in our story, goes to school on the first day, she is told by the teacher that she has to stop self-studying. She must be guided by the teacher. Scout’s first reaction is that reading seems to happen naturally for her, and she states that she can’t even remember a time when she couldn’t read. 

She was very upset by the teacher and complained to her father. Atticus told her: "Scout, if you can learn a simple trick, you can get along with these people better. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it. " 

The father taught the child to learn to look at the problem from the perspective of the other side and to be able to solve the contradiction between the two sides.


Persevere in doing justice and don’t let yourself be influenced by other people’s comments

When Tom Robinson, a local black man, was accused of hurting a white girl named Mayella Ewell, Atticus decided to be his lawyer because he knew that Tom was not guilty. Daughter Scout and son Jem asked their father why most people in the town thought it was wrong to defend blacks, and when he still did, the father told the children that there were several reasons why he should defend Tom:

1. If he does not do the right thing, then he cannot represent the county in the Legislative Council, and he can no longer teach his children how to behave.

2. As far as work is concerned, every lawyer will encounter such a case in his life, which will affect his personal life. At school, you may be subject to criticism, but please raise your head and put down your fist. No matter what others say to you, don't get angry, try to fight with your mind.

3. About whether you can win a lawsuit. The reason is very simple. We can't think that we have no reason to fight for justice just because all the black cases have failed before.


Don't find happiness in the suffering of others

There is a family in the town called the Radleys. Boo Radley was a bit of a wild child growing up. He fell in with the wrong crowd, got in trouble with the law, and was forced to face the consequences. BooRadley's parents were given two options by a judge: send their son away to a state-run juvenile detention center or keep him at home under constant observation. 

The Radley family took the second option, marking the beginning of Boo Radley's life apart from the outside world.As a result, Radley never went out of the house again. The townspeople began to make up terrible stories about Boo and called him a monster.

Scout and Jem, and their companion Dill, are full of curiosity about this unseen person. They tried their best to lure Mr. Radley out, by knocking on the window of his house with bamboo poles, sending letters to him, and even sneaking into his house at midnight.

Their father didn't know the tricks that the children had done at first, but after learning about them, he scolded: “don't torture Boo again! If he wants to stay in his house, he has the right to stay inside. You shouldn’t make fun of anyone in this town!”


Never hurt a mockingbird

When the children learned the basics of learning how to shoot a gun, the first thing the father said was: Remember to never hurt a mockingbird, killing a mockingbird is a sin. Because mockingbirds do not do anything bad, they don't eat the fruits and vegetables in people's gardens, don't build nests in the barns, they just sing for us.

Atticus has always concealed his ability to shoot, but in a special case-when a dog with rabies came to the town, Atticus shot it, and the children then knew that their father was a sharpshooter. 

Ms. Maudie, the neighbor, said: If Mr. Atticus has something special, it is his noble heart. He has good marksmanship, but when he realized that God might have given him an unfair advantage over other animals, he put the gun down...


In addition to poetically describing her father Atticus, Scout also portrays other characters in beautiful and kind ways. Such as the black nanny Calpurnia who is smart and capable. When Scout is rude to poor children, she told Scout about the principle of equal treatment. 

The neighbor Maudie is also warm and friendly. She often makes delicious cakes for Scout and Jem and invites them to her house to have a taste. Also, Boo Radley who is seen as monster in the town, secretly sends Scout and Jem a small gift and rescues them from the Mr. Ewell who attacks them because Atticus defended Tom. All of these characters, including Atticus, stick together and believe in justice and protecting the good.

Atticus teaches children a philosophy that not only can help every young person establish correct values and world views, but it can also inspire every parent to understand the importance of providing children with a good education. This novel can be a good resource to students, but it can also be a guidebook for parents too.

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