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MYW Sample Essay by April

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Last fall, our Middle Years students developed argument essays based on fictional crime scenarios. Students wrote from the perspective of police detectives trying to uncover the truth. They were taught to analyze possible evidence and to develop warrants and claims using logical reasoning. Below is an essay written by our student.。

SAS Grade 7

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“Slip or Trip” Report

  We arrived on the scene shortly after Arthur’s death. We found Arthur lying on the bottom of the stairs, dead. Queenie claims that she had just returned from a party and found her husband like this. She arrived 10 minutes before all her friends came to her house. “Arthur slipped and fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink,” she says. The autopsy confirms that a wound on his head caused Arthur’s death and that he was drunk.

  Although Queenie says that Arthur slipped and fell on the stairs, there are a few things that do not match with her statement. While on the scene, we see that Arthur is lying on his back with his head on the bottom of the stairs and his feet on top. If Queenie says that he was coming down the stairs and slipped, Arthur should be lying on his front and his feet shouldn’t be on the stairs. When one falls down the stairs, they wouldn’t have their feet on the stairs. Also, there are many decorations still hanging on the wall. Queenie explains that Arthur slipped and fell down the stairs. When one slips and falls down the stairs, they would try to do anything to stop or to slow down. Therefore, they would try to get a hold of the wall, knocking down the decorations. These are a few things we’ve noticed that seem out of place.

  Queenie also noted that Arthur was coming down for another drink. After Arthur falls, the glass that he has in his left hand is undisturbed. When one falls down the stairs with a glass in one’s hand, it would break from colliding with their body, the stairs, or the wall. Another thing we’ve noticed is that the glass is in his left hand. The railing is also on the left-hand side. When one comes down the stairs, one would hold the glass in the right hand and grip onto the railing on the left side to steady oneself. The rug on the floor also seems to be very neat. If Arthur fell down the stairs, his feet would slip and it would mess up the carpet but the rug doesn’t have any rumples or uneven places.

  Arthur’s clothes, in the same way as the rug, are neat, as if nothing happened. This is peculiar because when one falls and slips down the stairs, one would be flailing around to try to stop oneself. Also, his or her clothes would be wrinkled and out of place. Arthur’s clothes, however, seemed to be untouched and new. The last thing we’ve noticed is that Queenie stated that she was only in the house 10 minutes before her friends came over but she seems very sure of herself when she explained what happened. If she was only in the house 10 minutes before her friends, how could she be so sure about what happened to Arthur? When one has only 10 minutes of time to witness something they’ve never seen before, they wouldn’t be so sure of exactly what was happening in the situation. Queenie said everything immediately and so surely. How did she know that Arthur was coming down for another drink when she was only in the room for 10 minutes? These pieces of evidence are essential for figuring out whether or not Queenie is telling the truth or not.

  In conclusion, what our only witness said is not true or reliable. Based on all of the evidence in the scene, Queenie’s claim does not match. This is because Arthur’s feet are on the stairs when he fell down, the wall decorations are untouched, the glass in his hand is undisturbed, the glass is in his left hand, the carpet is neat when he tripped, his clothes are neat, and Queenie was too definitive with what she said happened. This is a lot of evidence that goes against what Queenie says and that is why we are sure that what Queenie said is false.

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