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EYW 2nd Prize Essay of 2016 Summer Writing Contest

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  One of the assignments in 2016 summer’s EYW unit is called "Letter of Introduction", where students were asked to introduce themselves in a friendly, multi-paragraph letter, paying close attention to format and appropriate tone. Chelsie did very well on this task. She managed to create a very personal and detailed letter that surprised her teacher. "After reading it, I suddenly found out that we have a lot in common", her teacher said in surprise.




Letter of Introduction                                           

July 15, 2016

Dear Ms. Morgan,

Hello, Ms. Morgan! Do you know me? I am Chelsie. I have been in your class before .I don’t think you know me very well, so now I am going to tell you about myself!

I really like to buy souvenirs from different countries; I put them on beside my table. Now I have 50 small souvenirs at home. My mom said I am a crazy collector because she wants me to throw some old souvenirs away! I just never want to throw them away! That is why my mom calls me crazy collector.

Mr. Morgan, do you know my three biggest hobbies? I really like to go to swimming in the ocean because the water is not dirty, and I can see fish and other sea creatures. My second favorite bobby is drawing cartoons of cute animals. I have a drawing book to draw all of my drawings in; I don’t know why I collect my drawing. I always think that when I get bigger and see those drawings I feel like I get back to small time. I guess I am going to feel so happy. My third favorite hobby is baking. I always go to a baking school to bake cake and bread with my mom. I really enjoy it.

I like school too. My two favorite subjects in the school are singing and music. My sister always says “Sister, you are a singing monster!” It means I always sing.

I have a lot of dreams too. When I was small, I wanted to be Cinderella because she is nice and kind. When I went to Disney in Hong Kong (It is the first time I went to Disney) I visited the Princess castle. It has beautiful pictures on the wall, those fancy XXX, yummy food, fancy dresses, and glass high heels. I really wanted to wear them. Now I am bigger so I don’t like to be princess as a dream. I want to be a singer like Taylor Swift. She gives her money to poor people!

Another interesting thing about me is I only like Korean and English songs, but not Chinese songs. I am so weird. I am from China but I just don’t like Chinese songs!

That is some interesting stuff about me!


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