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MYW 1st Prize Essay of 2016 Summer Writing Contest

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  In the MYW unit of 2016 summer, students were tasked to write a short story based on their novel Coraline, a fantasy/horror story about a girl finding a frightful new world. They were instructed to use sensory details that appeal to the five senses in their writing. Mandy did a very good job and won the first prize. In her essay, she implemented highly descriptive writing in the style of Coraline to send spine-tingling chills down the readers' backs.

SMIC Grade 7


The Other Mystery World

Think before you act! I’m in England and I recently just moved away from school and all my friends. I’m not happy about it. Every time I think about them, my brain smashed into a million pieces. All the memories fly through my brain and tears just start dripping down my face. I try not to think about them, so normally I just explore my creepy, old, big house to kill time. My strange house has twenty-one glass windows, thirteen normal doors that can open and close easily, but the fourteenth door is locked with a huge rusty golden lock. When mom carefully opened the golden lock, behind that rusty door it was just a wall of red, hard bricks. But I think there is something very fishy about the rusty, grey door.

It was a normal afternoon when mom went to buy groceries so no one was home. I grabbed a chair from the living room and dragged it to the drawing room as fast as I could. I dragged it so fast the chair made a screeching sound on the wooden floor. I stood on the wooden chair trying to balance myself while I carefully grabbed the big black key that was on top of a shelf which was so old that it seemed it could fall down any second. I grabbed the golden key and stepped down from the chair carefully. I was hoping that the key would work on the rusty grey door’s golden lock. I slowly put the golden key in and I turned clock wise and the lock opened! 

I knew that Miss Spink and Miss Forcible and Mr. Bibinksy warned me not to go near the rusty door. But the more they warned me not to do it, the more curious I got. I saw that the red hard bricks weren’t there anymore, and I saw a deep dark tunnel. I slowly and carefully tiptoed towards the tunnel and I saw a light. It felt warm, so I went closer to it. The closer I got to the light, the warmer I got. After I came out of that dark and spooky tunnel, I realized I was in my room the wallpaper was exactly the same. Everything was the same I was in my own room and I didn’t go anywhere. The pictures on the wall were the exact same and in the exact same places. But there was something weird the pictures could move. The people in the picture moved! I knew there was something special about the world I was in. But then I heard my mom calling me.

I went to the kitchen to see what she wanted to tell me, but there was something weird about mom. She had gotten taller and a lot thinner. Her skin was white and pale and was also smooth as sand on silk. She turned around and told me to call dad and eat dinner. But something was wrong, mom’s eyes weren’t normal. They weren’t juicy, watery, soft and squishy eye balls like what normal people have. This mom had button eyes which were as black as a raven’s eye. It scared me to death. When I first saw her, my heart almost jumped out and my butt flew up just as if I were riding a roller coaster. When dad came to the kitchen, he also had button eyes which were also black, pure black. I sat down at the dinner table and started to eat chicken. In the real world where I belong, when we ate chicken as a family it was normally cold and came out of a freezer. But this other mystery and magical world’s chicken was delicious. The chicken was sweet but also salty at the same time. The hotness was just right for me. The chicken made my taste buds happy for the first time. I felt that the chicken went down the right throat. After dinner my parents told me to go to my room and play with rats. I thought it was so weird because in the world I came from, my parents were too busy working on their jobs and they all ignore me like I was the wind. They didn’t care about me as much as the parents in this magical world. In this world, I felt I actually existed in front of them and I felt happy. Until… mom gave me a gift, a very weird and special gift.

I opened the box and saw two buttons and a needle. I figured out what mom wanted me to do. She wanted me to sew the pure black buttons onto my face and be with them forever and stay together forever with them like a family. But that was not going to happen; I didn’t belong in this world. When my mom told me to sew them on, I held tightly onto the rock Miss Spink gave me. She told me it would protect me and it had magical powers. I noticed something odd. When I held tightly to the stone, the mom moved away from me and it seemed like she was scared and afraid to step towards me. I know she sensed the power of the stone, or else she wouldn’t have stopped. I didn’t want to stay in this world anymore so I thought of a way to escape. This world creeped me out. It gave me goosebumps and also made my hair stand on end and it also made me sweat a lot. I went to my room and closed the door, trying to think of a way to escape. I sat on my bed, but I was scared. I was biting my nails and listening carefully to see if there are any footsteps coming from the door. After 2 minutes, an idea popped into my brain.

I quickly went to the kitchen and asked mom if I could get to the real world and get my puppy doll. At first, I thought mom wasn’t going to agree and she knew what I was up to because she was looking at me as if I had done something terribly wrong and she was tapping her feet onto the ground. And then there was a silence. All I could hear was the sound of mom taping her feet. Dock, dock, dock… Mom finally agreed and told me to come back as fast as I could. I quickly went through the tunnel while mom was watching me. Finally, I arrived at the real world. I quickly closed the old rusty door and put the big golden lock back on and used the black key to lock it. Then I dragged a wooden chair across the floor and blocked the door. I threw the key down the well which was in my garden. I was never ever going to go back to that scary, creepy and spooky world.

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