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New Courses On Offer: U.S. History & Interview Prep

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Dear Parents and Students,

    We are so proud to announce two new courses for you starting this year: American History and Interview Prep Tutorials. The courses are open to middle schoolers with the purpose of preparing them for overseas study, especially in the U.S., in the near future.

American History (Grades 6-8)

    This 20-hour course is a lighter version of the AP US History Curriculum based on the standard APUSH text American Pageant. It focuses on the highlights of American history without dwelling on the minutiae. It covers America from the Pre-Columbian Period through the age of colonization and expansion, its wars and triumphs leading to the country that is America today. The course will include slide presentations, films, and music, which combine to make it an interesting and exciting experience.

Interview Prep Tutorials (Grades 5-9)

    This course aims to help middle schoolers stand out in their interviews. It consists of 10 classes or 20 hours and delivered on a one to one basis.

    In the course, our experienced instructor will address, in detail, how to be successful in an interview with an American school. Far from other dry, tedious lectures, this course is highly engaging and inspiring: Students will listen to many real-case histories, watch videos of principals discussing how they interview students and engage in plenty of drills and mock interviews, so by the time they have their first real interview, they will be confident and relaxed.

    Our teacher will get to know each student’s distinct personality, his or her strengths as well as their weaknesses and prepare the student for the specific school they have in mind. That is to say, both the training and advice are tailored for each individual student.

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