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New Horizons Autumn Course Schedules Released!

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Brief Introduction of Fall Courses

Our test prep courses explain all sections of the tests in complete detail along with proven methods of success based on our fine in-house materials. Students will memorize the test structure, timing rules, question types, and unique strategies for beating the most difficult questions. There are also proctored mock exams to monitor performance.

Language Arts (G3-G11)
The New Horizons Language Arts program has been growing exponentially in recent years. Writing and verbal abilities are indispensable to one’s long-term success, be it at university or in future careers. The aim of this program is to lay down a solid foundation on which students can build and develop their all-important language skills.

Global Awareness & Debate (G6-G8)
This program will teach students a step-by-step approach to debating current global issues, such as the economy, education, the environment, etc. Students will conduct thorough research and cite credible sources in order to develop well-reasoned and well-organized arguments. The course is designed to stimulate critical thinking, which is a necessary qualification for a successful university experience.

American History (G6-G9)
This 42-hour course is a lighter version of the AP U.S. History Curriculum. It focuses on the highlights of American history without dwelling on the legal details. It covers America from the Pre-Columbian Period through the age of colonization and expansion, touching its wars and triumphs, and finally arriving at the country America is today.

World History (G6-G9)
This course provides the leaders of tomorrow with a better understanding of how the world has developed into what it is today. This 42-hour course covers 8,000 years of world history from the dawn of civilization to the present day. The course is designed to give students an overall understanding of the history of the world around them, as well as laying a firm foundation for those who plan to take AP World History in the future.

AP Chemistry/Biology (G11-12)
We approach each new concept in terms of that foundational knowlege of chemistry/biology, constantly going back to it to see each chemical/biological process that we study from the same, basic atomic perspective

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