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New Horizons National Holiday Courses Is Released!

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New Horizons is opening National Holiday Courses to help students spend quality time studying during the holidays! These short-term intensive courses include a series of different courses, which are more interesting and full of various forms.

With in-house materials developed by our expert teachers, these courses instruct students on key knowledge as well as important skills drawn from years of first-hand experience.


Schedules are as follows:

National Holiday Courses

Oct.2nd - 6th

 Five Days of Different Kinds of Writing Course

Young Starters(G3), Early Years (G4-5), Middle Years (G6-7)

Students are exposed to a variety of writing genres throughout the week, with a new kind each day. 

The five types of writing in this class include:

1.  Procedural writing 
2.  Descriptive writing 
3.  Narrative writing
4.  Opinion Discussion and writing
5.  Recount writing

Not only does this course improve a student’s writing skills, it also expands their store of words, for this is an intensive vocabulary course too. By taking this course, students will broaden their vocabulary and learn the appropriate usage of many words.

Intensive Essay Writing Course
G8-9, G10-11

In this short holiday course, students will focus on strengthening their essay writing and advanced grammar skills, which will improve their overall writing ability and raise their scores on tests with essay questions.Students will alsoread a variety of short stories that will help them to increase their readingcomprehension skills.

Global Awareness & Debate Foundation


This program will teach students a step-by-step approach to debating current  global issues, such as the economy, education, the environment, etc. Students will conduct thorough research and cite credible sources in order to develop well-reasoned and well-organized arguments. The course is designed to stimulate critical thinking, which is a necessary qualification for a successful university experience.

Short Stories Course

Early Years (G4-5), Middle Years (G6-7),Upper Years (G8-9)

In this course we will look at a range of stories and compare, analyse, and discuss them, their art, and their power. We will read a short story in every class and evaluate the literary techniques while working through the grammar, vocabulary, and structure to give us a fuller understanding of this medium. The students will learn how to read well, how to speak confidently, and how to think creatively, while appreciating the art of the short story. 

Intensive Vocabulary Course

 Middle Years (G6-7),Upper Years (G8-9)

A program designed for students in Grade 6-9, to teach them a step-by-step approach to learning vocabularies. This course will allow students to understand the nuances and profound meanings of English words. Students will learn how to adapt their words into writings so that it’s fit-for-purpose and appropriate for their readers.Students will learn how to read and analyze the differences between each word. Throughdiscussion and reflection students will apply this study to themselves to seehow vocabulary has impacted their English learning.

The American Revolution

Upper Years (G8-9)

This five day course will cover early American history through the revolution and forming of the United States of America. The course will begin with the history of the early natives living in America, and the beginning of European colonization in North and South America. 

The class will conclude with a study of the United States constitution and government, and will look the events that followed the formation of the United States.Students will learn how to read and analyze documents for specific historical information.

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