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2018 New Courses and Charity Event

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Last week, 2018 spring course schedule is released. You will see all the timetables of our spring classes as well as our new special short courses for the Christmas &Spring Festival.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout the year! To show our appreciation we'd like to offer you some great savings as a Christmas and New Year gift——1400 RMB Value! Please free feel to contact us for more information.

New Horizons New Courses: Creative Writing Fundamentals, Intensive SAT English, College Preparation Bootcamp, AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science A, and AP US History. Please see the course description below:

1.Creative Writing Fundamentals(G3-7)

Students are exposed to a variety of writing genres throughout the week, with a new kind each day.

The five types of writing in this class include:

1.  Procedural writing

2.  Descriptive writing

3.  Narrative writing

4.  Opinion Discussion and writing

5.  Recount writing

Not only does this course improve a student’s writing skills, it also expands their store of words, for this is an intensive vocabulary course too. By taking this course, students will broaden their vocabulary and learn the appropriate usage of many words.

2.Intensive SAT English Course (G10-11)

In this course, students will focus on strengthening their essay writing and advanced grammar skills, which will improve their overall writing ability and raise their scores on tests with essay questions.Students will alsoread a variety of short stories that will help them to increase their reading comprehension skills.

3.College Preparation Bootcamp (G8-12)

This Course will be offered to students from international and bilingual schools. This course is designed for students G8-12 and helps them to become proactive participants in preparing and planning to go to college. Students will learn how to draft an academic game plan that they can use while in high school that is unique to their own academic goals, career interest, and personalities. These experiences will be the foundation for a long-term academic plan and can be used during the college admissions process.

Students in this course will:

  • Draft both short-term and long-term academic plans.

  • Learn how to craft authentic experiences that are genuinely tailored to students' own personalities, goals, and interests that include plans for internships or volunteer work.

  • Learn the nuances of college admissions essay writing.

  • Get interview training that includes preparation for visas, internships and other academic purposes.

  • Learn global communication, negotiation, and conflict management skills.

  • Learn how to choose a college major and how to find the right college or university.

4.AP US History

This course is a supplementary course intended to help students who are currently taking APUSH in their regular schools. The course will help reinforce students’ knowledge of American history,as well as help students learn how to answer DBQ questions, short answer questions, and multiple choice questions for the APUSH exam. Students will gaina firm grasp of the main overall themes and topics of American history, as wellas solidify their knowledge of specific names, dates, and events, that will help them in their APUSH course and on the APUSH exam.

5.AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus AB consists of five modules: functions and limits, differential calculus, derivative applications, the definite and indefinite integral, and integral applications and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Each module focuses on both conceptual understanding and problem-solving strategies. The course contains two full-length practice tests, exam-style concept-review problem sets, and hundreds of additional practice problems from previous years’ exams. A graphing calculator is required for this course.

6.AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A begins with a comprehensive review of computer science fundamentals, and then quickly moves on to more challenging topics such as object-oriented and imperative problem solving in Java; sorting, searching, and recursive algorithms; data structures; and programming design methodologies. The course contains two full-length practice tests, daily problem sets of multiple-choice and free-response questions, and additional programming exercises. A laptop computer is required for this course.

7.Historical Perspective Course

New Horizons “Historical Perspectives”courses offer students a unique perspective on the history of an interesting and fun subject.  These courses aredesigned to be fun, short courses that students can take during their holiday breaks.  These courses will cover fun topics such as “The History of Computers;” “The History of Video Games;” “The Historyof Basketball;” or “The History of Superheroes.”  The “Historical Perspectives” courses are  designed to offer students the opportunity to improve their reading and writing ability while learning about a fun subject.  

New Horizons & Honghua Home Charity

Starting from January 2018, New Horizons will donate RMB50 from each enrollment to fund children in need through the "Honghua Home" platform of the Honghua CommunityCharity in Suzhou. At the end of each semester, we will collect and transfer the donations to the Charity and post details on our WeChat News.


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