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EYW 1st Prize Essay of 2016 Autumn Writing Contest

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    The 2016 Fall EYW assignment from Sophie is her 'Treacherous Beast' assignment where she details her adventures as captain on a ship that encounters a dangerous beast on the high seas. They were asked to use a diary format —— an import genre studied in this term. Sophie was very creative and showed her good mastery of plot development in this assignment. “Her creative writing bring clear and beautiful images to the mind!” said her teacher.


Sophie's Work:

Treacherous Beast

Day 1

    It is a lovely morning. The sky was an endless blue. The sun shone brightly on the wonderful ship, which is painted gold all over the calm sea slept, and the dark blue water was deep and cool. My crew members and I stepped on board; we’re going to catch captain Nobody, I told myself. I’m Capital Shiny, and I will be brave.

Day 2

    It’s impossible! How are we going to catch a devil!? Is this how the other ships drowned? Snoty yelled those questions I didn’t even know how to answer. I said, “Snoty, this is only the second day! Be more patient?? But I wondered why the other ships didn’t come back? Is captain Nobody a pirate? It is hard to navigate through the fog at sea, and how will I be able to go to the middle of the sea if I can’t see anything?

Day 3

    I fear that we are lost at sea. No Captain Nobody, no direction. The thick white fog covered the air as we went straight forward. No one could see the stars, the sun, nor the moon. The food was so salty, that I wished it was bland. Everyone on my ship looked scared and grumpy. I tried to say that it was okay, but they knew I was worried too. “Captain Shiny,” Mel said, “Maybe we should turn back to our homeland.” She smiled, but she was very scared of what was happening. “No,” I said, “we must not, we must be fearless and go forward.” Mel nodded and went to her room.

Day 4

    Snoty isn’t coming out of his room. He must have panicked. “Come out! Out!” Snoty groaned, but he didn’t come out. So I left him; I am frustrated. Should we go back? Should I keep looking? Am I going to the wrong place? Everyone was silent, so quiet that I only heard the sea.

Day 5

    The sea dove everybody crazy. Starfire swore that she saw a ghost. Mel would have fallen out in to the sea if I didn’t catch her. I saw a ghost on the sail, too! I also heard some banging on the side of the ship as well as some awkward whooshing sound. Swan and Lily saw a big figure.

Day 6

    He was a creepy monster. Captain Nobody was a giant holding a large knife that was so sharp it could have cut through the hardest rock on Earth! He has big red eyes, a large mouth with sharp teeth and sharp horns all around his body. He looked like a human (except for the teeth, horns, and eyes). He smashed the knife into the side of the ship. In a blink of an eye, he was gone poof! It was an unpleasant surprise.

Day 7

    Thanks to Captain Nobody we’re going to drown. This is the last day of my life, this is the last day for my crew members. Thanks to that monster. But this is not the last day for this diary. I put this in a bottle, so I could warn you. Don’t look for this monster, beware!

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