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MYW 1st Prize Essay of 2017 Autumn Writing Contest

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    In 2017 Autumn MYW course, which allows students to  "Walk a Mile in Their Shoes", students were asked to read 'The Outsiders' and create an analysis piece based upon the novel.This unit will focus on reading and understanding different points of view through the characters in this unit's novels. Helen's story, The Destinators, is a very clear and vivid piece of writing that shows mastery for storytelling. The Destinators addresses the very real and serious situation of bullying in schools. Helen's story is told with depth and warmth, and shows how friendship and perseverance can overcome many obstacles.


Helen's work:

The Destinators

    Once, in a house just like any other house in the world, in a random town in the corner of an ordinary state, there lived a girl named Destiny who was actually quite extraordinary not like the rest of the people in her school, who were mostly rich selfish jerks who showed off all their money with expensive clothing and fashionable accessories. However, being special and different wasn’t one of the things in her life that she was proud of. All she cared about was how the rest of the school treated her, bullied her, insulted her obnoxious parents and the way they mistreated her. Actually, they weren’t always like this, only after elementary school did the whole wide world start hating her. And it is now the second year of high school already, so many years have passed, and Destiny is starting to think that she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore.

    As Destiny walked along the hallway, people gave her side glances with looks of disgust and whispered to their friends whenever she passed them. Realizing the hatred and evil that loomed the air around her, Destiny started to clutch her textbooks tightly with fear and embarrassment as she sped up her pace while staring at the ground. “What did I do wrong?”, she asked herself, almost with tears welling up her eyes.  

    When Destiny finally arrived home after the dreadful school day, she immediately took a bag ofchips and a fresh vanilla smoothie from the kitchen. Getting up to her room, she grabbed her precious guitar and a few wrinkled papers that had words scribbled all over item the chance to excited to finally get to play some music. Slowly, she started strumming the chords, making up random rhythms that calmed her down from the day’s frustration. She came up with the melody so quick that it felt like it simply flowed out from her mind onto the set of strings. Then, absent-mindedly, she whispered random words that matched with the beat. Soon, the chorus and lyrics was made up, written down and even her voice and tune was stronger and a lot certain.                                                                                                                

    And just like that, another one of her songs was almost finished, though it could still be perfected, it was one of best creations yet. Most of her songs were sad and dark, reflecting her usual bullied life at school. However, this one was rather hopeful and inspiring. It was about just being yourself, ignoring the haters and standing up to the egoistic bullies and the unbearable troubles in life.

    Making music has always been one of her best talents, even her parents said that it was the purest gift she received from god. Unfortunately, ever since her parents perished in a fire when she was only eight years old, Destiny has become a different person entirely. She hid her music talents away from the rest of the world, even her parents who adopted her, that was until she got a best friend.

    Jaxon has always felt bad when he saw people being bullied, especially because he had experienced the wretched torture at school himself, just a few years ago. He could even visualize it clearly enough that it still gives him nightmares: the larger boys and girls who would start a bloody fight just to let Jaxon take the blame, or how they spread ridiculous rumors that eventually led to everyone despising him. Even his own beloved parents who thought he was a mean, annoying pest that went looking for trouble. Maybe that was why he never succeeded in making friends, that was until he met Destiny.

    That day, Jaxon has just been scolded by a teacher and was in a rather grumpy mood. It became worse when all of a sudden, he saw an innocent girl being dumped in the head with coffee by of course, the mean trio in our school— Courtney, who’s the leader of the squad, Brooke who is her “best friend” and Ashley, who basically follows them around everywhere. “Looks like someone drank coffee with their mouth on their head!” Brooke teased while Ashley and Courtney laughed recklessly while taking photos. Furious that someone could be so mean, Jaxon basically pushed them against the wall and made the rest of the smoking hot coffee spill on their new dresses and ruined their “fashion”.

    Destiny was so thankful that she grabbed Jaxon by the sleeve and ran away, afraid for the mean girl’s revenge but also laughing her head off. Jaxon and Destiny instantly became best friends; however, they would still argue like little kids and then forgive each other the next day. Well, sometimes they would just say they hate each other but stand up to bullies for other kids younger than them. Soon, they were known as the Destinators, though Jaxon would often complain of not being in the name. They became so close that Destiny even decided to share her creation of songs with him.

    What she didn’t know was that he had secretly filmed her songs and was planning on something mischievous but it actually ended up changing her life. With Destiny’s name as the account, he uploaded her song on some random school web; and surprisingly, it went viral and people were soon asking for more. Mostly, it was because all her songs related to everyone: the popular kids bullying because of being depressed themselves, the kid getting mistreated by their parents and other kids and mostly, the people who looked for hope in desperate situations. Destiny’s song gave them a dream to live for and the hope that even in situations as wretched as Destiny’s herself, all you need was support from a friend and things will become right again.

    That was the story how Destiny changed the world, even if it was only a few songs and random acts of standing up to bullies. She was able to do it of course, all because of her best friend, Jaxon.

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