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The 8TH New Horizons Writing Contest

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Dear parents and students,

In order to stimulate children's interest in reading and writing, we are pleased to again present our annual spring essay competition.

This is not only a chance to participate in the competition and to prove a students’ ability, it’s also an opportunity to make new friends and learn from other’s points of view. 

For this essay contest, students need not be apprehensive about how their work will rank at the end; standing is not the most important thing in this competition. What is important is what students learn through their writing.

Good writing is not accomplished in just one step. Writing a good article requires a lot of research to accumulate facts, form a perspective, measure it against personal experience, and finally polish it. 

Students should demonstrate that they can think critically, so they can ask the questions that will give them an accurate picture of the world around them and then be able to transmit that picture to others by way of their writing. 

The writing competition selection rules are slightly different from the past. From each grade we will select a First-Prize winner, plus one other student, who will receive Honorable Mention. 

The winners will be selected by public voting at the end of the semester, when we will award prizes. 



Voting time will be published prior to the end of the semester, please keep watching our WeChat News for further updates.


We wish all participating students the best of luck!




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