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New Horizons 2018 Fall Course Schedules Is Released!

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After an intensive preparation, our autumn courses schedule is released!

This autumn, New Horizons will continue to offer our high quality Test Preparation Courses (ACT/SAT/SSAT), Language Arts (G3-11), American History/World History (G6-9), Global Awareness and Debate (G7-9), College Preparation Bootcamp ( G8-10), and Upper Year Intensive Grammar & Writing Course (G10-12).

Additionally , we will offer SCAT course in  Fall , National holiday & Winter Break for helping students to gain admission to the CTY program. 


Course Highlight-SCAT

SCAT is an above-grade-level test used as the entrance exam for John's Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) programs in an effort to provide the brightest kids of the world with what they need to thrive. New Horizons has developed a course in Fall , National holiday & Winter Break specifically for students looking to maximize their SCAT scores and gain admission to the CTY program. 

Students will learn how to identify and define the logical relationships tested on the SCAT, apply appropriate test-taking strategies, and review advanced math concepts and vocabulary frequently seen on the test.


Brief Introduction

Language arts Course (G3-G11)

New Horizons uses the Common Core State standards as its basis and compiles teaching materials from a variety of respected institutions. The course content is a combination of classic English readings to improve students' reading and writing skills, and an intensive look at grammar techniques to increase fluency. 

We hope to restore genuine English language arts education for all grades of international students and Chinese students who have aspirations for going abroad.

SSAT/SAT/ACT Preparation Course

The test preparation course is one of the New Horizons traditional classes. This series of courses provides a detailed anatomy of the various parts of the exams and, together with New Horizons' exclusive textbooks, teaches students how to grasp problem-solving skills accumulated over the years. 

In addition to mastering the examination structure, types of questions and time-management , students can also take mock tests to feel the atmosphere of the on-site examinations and track learning progress. The entire course is taught by senior New Horizons prep teachers.

American History(G6-9)

This course aims to provide middle schoolers and high schoolers with an overall understanding of American History. This course is a lighter version of the AP U.S. History Curriculum. 

The regular course covers America from the Pre-Columbian Period through the age of colonization and expansion, touching on its wars and triumphs, and finally arrives at the country America its today. For the summer we will be focusing solely on modern US history, from the dawn of the 20th century to today.

World History(G6-9)

This course offers an introductory-level survey of human civilization from approximately 1400 AD to the present. The course is intended to provide students a solid foundation for pursuing historical studies at the advanced level in high school and eventually in college. The course is designed to give students an overall understanding of the history of the world around them, as well as to lay a firm foundation for those who plan to take AP World History in the future. 

The regular course will look at history from the Stone Age up to the modern day. Our summer course will look at modern World History from the Age of Empire to the Age of Space Colonization. 

Upper Year Intensive Grammar & Writing Course (G10-12)

In this summer course, students will focus on strengthening their writing and grammar skills. At the same time, through targeted reading training, the course will help them master examination skills, improve students’ reading comprehension, and perform standard tests’ results.

College Preparation Bootcamp(G8-10)

This course is designed for students G8-10 and helps them to become proactive participants in preparing and planning to go to college. Students will learn how to draft an academic game plan that they can use while in high school that is unique to their own academic goals, career interests, and personalities. These experiences will be the foundation for a long-term academic plan and can be used during the college admissions process.

2018 Fall Course Schedules

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12th Anniversary Promotion

In order to celebrate the 12th anniversary of New Horizons, we comtinue to launch a exciting discount package for the autumn! 


12th Anniversary Promotion:

If a returning student and a new student both sign up for a full term, they each get 1000 off!

* New Horizons reserves the right to final interpretation of the promotions!

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