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YS 2nd Prize Essay of 2018 Spring Writing Contest

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During the semester of the Young Starters (G3) in our Spring class, our youngest students fully demonstrated endless creativity and imagination. The writing task will be based on the theme of "magic and friends". Along with the wonderful plots in the book, students will experience the power of magic and how friends give us courage and eventually overcome difficulties together .

After completing the reading task of the spring course, the students asked to write a fantasy type short story. Andrew used simple sentences, onomatopoeia and good sight/sound sensory words to tell a Fantastical Story about a boy engineer. The boy creates robots that save him and his classmates from monsters in school and on the sea.

Andrew's Essay:

Since I was seven years old, there are many monsters in the world. I studied physics hardly. I made a robot. It is made of stainless steel. It is black and yellow. It’s like the BB-8 in star wars. It has four hands, each hand can generate electricity. If you touch its hands when it is generate electricity, you will die. It’s called BB-44.It can run super fast like the Flash.

One day, I was at school doing my artwork with my classmates, a monster came and grab my classmates.BB-44 runs and hits the monster. The monster falls, we fall from the monster’s hand, BB-44runs to get a bed. It puts the bed on the ground. We all fall on the bed and we are safe. “Bee! Bee!” “What’s that sound?” “It’s my robot, BB-44。It is happy because it saved us.”

I made many robots in the vacation. They’re –long –short-–long –short–long –short, four-four, long paw shikra, small vonika and big vonika.

One sunny day, I went to the bench. I sailed a ship in the sea. The waves became bigger. I don’t know what was going on. Suddenly, a huge sea monster grab my ship, me and dived into the sea. Small vonika dived into the sea and cats the hand of the sea monster that grabs me and my ship. Quickly, it took a picture of the sea monster and swims away. Big vonica dive into the sea and pushes me, my ship and small vonika out of the water. I made a sand castle and wrote big vonika and small vonika are great.

When I was back home, I took at the photo that small vonika had taken. The sea monster has three heads, two arms , two legs ,a body and a tail.

I go to the airport because I am going to UK. When we arrived , I see a giant bull were eating airplanes. It was red and ugly, long paw shikra quickly runs to fight with the bull. It jumps onto the airplane, and than the bull’s head. It uses its paw to dig into the bull’s head. Than, it took out all the brains,“Wow!”“The bull have five brains!”

When I was in UK, I went to the castle, I found a super weapon-The powerful fist. I put it on long –short-–long –short–long –short’s hand. Just at this time, a giantic big worm came, long –short-–long –short–long –short extend it’s hand and punchs the worm. Than, it puts one of its hand into the worms mouth, the other grabs all of us. It took all of us into the worm’s tummy. In the tummy, we found many peoples, we rescued them. Four four uses its gear to cat the skin of the worm to make an exit. We killed all the monsters and we are happy.

The world gets back to peace.

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