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EYW 1st Prize Essay of 2018 Spring Writing Contest

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The two novels "Wed Wabbit" and "Who Let the Gods Out" for Early Years students (G4-5) are all excellent works of children's books. The theme of this semester is about adventure, friendship and affection. Through adventure,  sincere friendships give us beliefs and strengths, and no matter where we live, our family will always be our most solid spiritual support.

Teacher's review:For this spring course, Early Years students were asked to read two fantasy-type novels and then write a fictional story of their own. Kingsley made great use of clever word choices and sensory words in his Fantastical Story. He used vivid descriptions to show and not just tell his story.


Kingsley's Essay:

Chapter 1: The Snatch

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a small town. In the town, there lived a kid named Samuel. He wore brown pants and a rainbow colored shirt.
One sunny day, the sun shone brightly across clear, blue sky. As the sun looked like as if it was smiling to me, Samuel heard a loud knock on the front door. He dashed towards the door and opened it. He gasped. In front of him were huge tall men wearing black suits., the men were as tall as a building and as large as a elephant. Then, he spotted a limousine; it is very long, large and is bright gold. In the car sat four suspicious looking men.
Suddenly, he felt a strong grip on his shoulder; he tried to escape, but failed. The men dragged Samuel in the limousine and drove away. Samuel felt that the car was floating, flying. He looked out of the window, and……
“Ahhhhhhhh! Oh my gummy bears! How are we flying?”He screamed.
Then, he realized that he was not in the familiar town he lived, he was in a land full of creepiness. The trees were lollipops, the rivers were chocolate, and the houses are made from biscuits or crackers and even jelly beans. Even more, the animals were so unusual that he couldn’t tell if that weird and mysterious creature up in the sky is an elephant, fish or a bird.

Chapter 2:   The Royal Palace           

“Who are you? What do you want from me and where are you taking me to?” Samuel shouted. Finally, one of the huge man replied, ”Hey kid, sorry for not telling you, but our king wants to see you.”
Ten minutes later, they arrived at large, royal, beautiful and magnificent palace. The palace was bright gold and was surrounded with fierce looking ginger bread men holding weapons. The tall men showed an ID card that had their room number and other stuff like how tall they are or when are they born.
When Samuel stepped in the palace, he saw large paintings of people that he thought was the king’s ancestors, but actually was people who have saved the kingdom before. The corridor was filled with precious antiques and expensive chandlers. Suddenly, the door in front of us opened. There was a tall chair that was floating up in the sky and almost to the about to hit the ceiling. In the seat sat someone. “That’s the king, quickly, kneel down.”Someone whispered to Samuel. They all kneeled down while the king slowly and gently controlled his chair back to the ground.

Chapter 3: The Questioning           

“Well hello there young man!” said the king cheerfully, “Do you want to know why you are hear?”
Samuel nodded eagerly as he really wants to go home. The king explained every detail about why I am here, why they caught me, where are they and who are they. “So we I am in Candy land and you want me to help you with a ten headed dragon?”Samuel asked to confirm about what the king said. “Yes. “Said the king as he ordered the soldiers to give Samuel a long reset. He went in a large room with a lot of mirrors facing all the directions. The room smelled like soda with sugar and had a gigantic wardrobe in the middle of it. The wardrobe was brown and looked like a chocolate bar, it had a wrapper of a chocolate bar, a smell of a chocolate bar and when he secretly took a bit of it, is tasted exactly like a chocolate bar. After fifteen minutes, Samuel finally finished dressing up. He wore a small golden crown which had a sapphire and had a royal cape that was bright red. Samuel also had a long warm bath and felt so fresh when he came out. Everything was perfect until someone ran into Samuel’s new room. “Samuel, it is time to go.” Said one butler, “please be quick.
Then, the butler walked away slowly. Samuel ran quickly pass the hall towards the front door. Outside was very bright and had a helicopter. Samuel went in the helicopter carefully and soon, they arrived at a mysterious island.

Chapter 4: The Mysterious Land             

Before Samuel said goodbye to one of the large men that accompanied him, the man said,”Hey kid, when you go out of the helicopter, whisper to a guy wearing a pink hat this code ‘Bananas are great’ and he will help you on your mission, goodbye.” Samuel slowly stepped down the helicopter and looked around the island. The island had no trees, no grass, but only small dwarfs walking all around. The dwarfs wore red and white striped pants and green shirt. Some old dwarfs were bald and young ones wore red hats. The ground was as soft as mattress, and sky was azure blue. Samuel suddenly found a dwarf wearing a pink hat and ran towards him. He patted the dwarf’s back and whispered, “Bananas are great.”
When the dwarf heard the code, he started pulling Samuel’s jacket and began to run inside a small, wooden house. At the door, the dwarf knocked the door in a weird way. The sound of the knock was soft and quiet and sounded like a pattern or a sound. The door gave a loud creak. Samuel bent down and went in the house. The house was brown outside but was filled with amazing high-tech computers. The computers had a lot of numbers and codes on it and a rather tall looking dwarf was typing on one of them. There was a large TV in the middle and beside the TV was a metal door. Samuel was shocked, he finally found a normal human sized guy that was typing something wore a black suit, carried a gun in his pocket and had a pair of very well polished shoes. He wore a wrist watch and wore dark sunglasses. There were others that are also coding but they did not wear sunglasses. The place was large like a normal hotel and had very high security. “Who are you and what are we doing here? “Samuel asked the dwarf who took me in this house. “I am Tom and we are here to assemble and get weapons.”He said with a low voice.
Then, all of the men lined up in a row and the guy who wore sunglasses stood in the front. Samuel heard that the guy wearing sunglasses was named Jack, so he greeted him with a smile like a Cheshire cat. The guard who is guarding the metal door placed his finger in a machine and typed in some numbers in it. He led Tom, Samuel and Jack in. Jack was standing in the front and led Samuel and Tom to the room filled with weapons. Tom took a sniper and a handgun, Jack took a RPG and a Mk-47 and Samuel took a grenade, a grappling hook and a handgun too. They all wore suits just like Jack and was equipped with a hearing piece which can hear and communicate with each other within 91 kilometres. After equipping the awesome gear, three of them entered a secret tunnel.
Soon, they exited the tunnel and found themselves in a beetle looking car. Jack stepped on the accelerator and in ten minutes, they arrived at New York City’s one hotel. The hotel looked like a golden bank. They stepped inside the hotel and felt a gust of cold wind. Jack led us to a room beneath the front desk.

Chapter 5: Food poisoning

Early in morning the artistic golden sun got up like a baby and started painting the dark black sky into a bright blue sky. The bright looking milky clouds got up from sleep and started travelling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment. Samuel, Jack and Tom woke up early for the wonderful breakfast in the large room. The cake looked like a homespun masterpiece.  It was fluffy as a pillow, toasty brown, and shot through with plum-colored swirls. This cream of mushroom soup hasn’t lost one jot of its butter-laden, cognac-kissed suavity. “Soup” is too prosaic a term for the pungent, earthy silkiness in every bowlful.
“Ahh, why are pimples growing on the hands?”Tom shouted with curiosity. Then, something weird happened. The news on the large white TV shone up. “There is some sort of food poisoning in the city after a new factory called Swaylor had opened a few months ago, and now everyone has been growing pimples and spots all over their body.”The lady in the news mentioned, then, ”Ahh,I am having spots too, help!” blared the lady as she ran away.
Tom was soon sent to the hospital by the waiters and Jack grabbed Samuel’s hand tightly and ran towards the car. In the car, he use his GPS and went to the factory which just opened.

Chapter 6: The Factory

As soon as they arrived at the factory, we saw dead grass and trees everywhere. “This place is badly polluted, “shouted Samuel with fear. The road was blocked by a checkpoint with a sign that read: No Trespassing! For employees ONLY!
Jack and Samuel decided to hide the car in the woods far away from the factory. They slowly and quietly stepped closer and closer to the main gate of the factory. Beside the main gate was a grey and black security just, and in it was 2 guards holding deadly weapons in their arms. They crept beside it and gave a knock on the door.
After knocking the door, they hid beside it and waited. Soon, one guard came out to check who it is. Jack punched him eye and told Samuel to wait here while he takes out the other guard. Momentarily, Jack came out dressed in the guard’s clothes and told Samuel to do so too. They carried the unconscious guards into a trash can and tied them up. Jack and Samuel successfully went in the factory.
The factory had a very bad smell, the smell was like rotten fish and the other workers were wearing big masks and all of them have some spots too. Jack and Samuel went up the ladder, and climbed on the roof of the factory and looked down from the large window on the ceiling. Below them were a lot of workers, carrying rubbish in trucks and trash in boxes. One of the workers took the rubbish and trash and pours it in a large machine and flicks the lever. The machine gave a loud roar and started to make some sort of white and smooth looking cube. The cube was next sent to a machine called the food changer. Within seconds, the trash changed into wonderful roast turkey. The fake turkey was then packaged into a famous turkey company box.
“These people are making fake products of food, the food will be mixed with the real ones and people would eat them and get sick.”Samuel said worriedly.
Jack started to get curios and asked Samuel,” why are they doing this to the city?”

Chapter 7: Who is Jorkey?           

Jack and Samuel opened the vent and went in. In the vent also had a very bad smell, but the smell was worse than the one outside the factory. Both of them kept moving forward until they heard a voice coming.
They stopped.
They listened.
There was a loud laugh.
Samuel and Jack peeped though a small gap and saw a man wearing an oversized black suit. The man was as fat as a elephant and had a very deep voice. He was on the phone and he mentioned about food poisoning and a secret potion. Samuel realized why the man was doing there. He was trying to poison people and sell the medicine for a very high price so that he could be very rich. Samuel kicked open the door and shouted out the word freeze while Jack hid behind the door. The man turned looking surprised and shocked. Jack also looked surprised to find out who is it, it was Jorkey, the drug dealer that his whole agency was trying to catch. Suddenly, Jack saw something weird. Jorkey was hand secretly reached into his pocket and took out something black and silver, It was a gun! Jorkey pointed it to Samuel too and said, “It is only the two of us, let’s see who will live and who will die, then, Jack saw Jorkey was about to press a button underneath his desk and beside the button was a note, the note was small but could be able to see clearly. The note said: Emergency Alarm, press when intruders are in. He was about to press it when Jack shot his gun and injured, but still, the alarm rang. Jack and Samuel use searched the whole room to find the medicine but failed. Finally, Samuel found a vault was hidden behind a beautiful painting. He took the painting off the wall and was trying to open the vault. “It is too hard to open!” Samuel Exclaimed. Jack ran towards the vault and opened the vault, the potion was dark blue and had a label on it which says: TOP SECRET
Soon, the guards came in. Samuel hid in the closet while Jack hid under the desk. The guards looked very menacing and have tattoos on their arms. Samuel took out his gun slowly and shot both of them on the head.

Chapter 8: The factory closed

Samuel and Jack held their guns tightly and started to find the way out. Samuel was impatient and threw out his grenade and made a large on the wall. They both got out quickly and safely. Soon, the factory was surrounded with men. Jack smiled. It was the agency. Jorkey was soon arrested for food poisoning and the factory was announced CLOSED, the agency made copies of the medicine and not for long, and gave it to people living in the city, finally, the city was normal. Jack and Samuel became best partners and was promoted. Both of them worked hard and defeated a lot of drug dealers and terrorists.

      The End…….


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