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Registration for Horizons Christmas and Chinese New Year courses kicks off now!

We offer a variety of fun holiday courses to help students complement their grammar, improve writing skills, and enrich English reading. We also have offers on courses for students preparing for the SAT/ACT/SSAT and AP Biology & Chemistry exams. 

We hope these wonderful courses will allow our students to spend the holiday period gaining knowledge,and having fun.

Chirstmas & CNY Course Schedules

Christmas Courses


Week 1  December 17st-21st

Week 2  December 31st-January 4th

Spring Festival Courses


January 21st- February 1st

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2018 Courses Brief Introductions

Intensive Writing & Grammar Course(G3-12)

During the Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays, we will provide short courses for children who need to improve their English reading and writing. Each class exercises reading and writing exercises and provides guidance on top writing methods.

In these courses, you will read short stories and novels of various subjects with the teachers and other students; you will compare and analyze the texts in relation to each other; and discuss the art and power of language. 

Our foreign teachers all have professional backgrounds and many years of experience in teaching. They will use student-centered heuristic classroom methods to encourage students to ask questions and think for themselves.

We will read a novel each term and strengthen grammar training, consolidate basic vocabulary, learn authentic e­xpressions, and analyze article structure so that students can better understand the literary genre of the works and deepen their reading skills . 

The teacher will provide feedback and specific guidance based on each student's performance and academic level.

SAT、ACT、SSAT Intensive Course

The test preparation course has always been one of the New Horizons classic courses. Our teachers not only focus on improving the test scores of students, but also emphasize good study habits and attitudes for success. 

In preparation, teachers will analyze various parts of the exam in detail, and work from with New Horizons' exclusive textbooks to teach problem-solving skills gained from studying the actual test for many years. 

In addition to guiding students in mastering the structure of the exam, students also have to be familiar with various types of questions, and learn the test skills to deal with complex problems. 

Meanwhile, students will finish the mock test, and come to understand the test atmosphere. At the same time, our teachers will also provide feedback, adjust the teaching plan, track the progress of learning, and help students achieve their goals.

Biology、 Chemistry Courses 

This Christmas &CNY holidays, in addition to a series of quality courses for test prep and language arts, New Horizons will offer science short courses: Biology & Chemistry for Middle and High Schools; AP/IB Biology and AP/IB Chemistry. 

In the large AP and IB classrooms typical at most international schools, teachers often do not have the time to give each student the individual help he or she needs to get a top score on the exams. That’s why New Horizons offers intensive, small-group and one-on-one AP exam courses. 

In these classes, students are guided through a thorough knowledge of all exam content and taught to master even the most challenging material.

AP scores are used for both college admissions and course placement. With so much on the line, your child deserves an expert review instructor to help him or her earn a top exam score.


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