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A Brand-New Level of Language Arts Courses Specifically for Young Learners Grades 1-2

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This Spring Semester New Horizons is Offering a Brand-New Level of Language Arts Courses Specifically for Young Learners Grades 1-2!!

Recently, many parents have consulted with our Language Arts Department in the hope that we could offer an English learning environment for younger students. In order to help younger students develop English reading habits and interests from a young age and help them experience a variety of learning styles, we would like to announce that our new "Primary Years Foundations" course will be open for the Spring 2019 for students in G1-2.

In this "Primary Years Foundations" course, our teachers will help younger students immerse in an English environment and build a strong foundation for English grammar, vocabulary, and writing abilities. The program’s focus will enable students to build confidence and fluency by utilizing a curriculum that goes from easier basic concepts to more difficult by the end of the term. 

Students will read famous and engaging stories that are simple for young learners and learn how to write complete sentences and short answers to comprehension questions. By the end of this course students should be able to write short passages with confidence.

Enrollment for spring courses is open now!! The first day of classes atour Huacao Center is on January 12th, which is earlier than the other two centers (Gubei and Pudong). Parents who plan to register for our classes, please feel free to contact our three centers!

The following is a brief introduction to our G1-2 spring course materials.

where the wild things are.jpg

This is a must-have book that should be on every child's bookshelf and is the most popular and acclaimed book ever published in the history of the Caldecott Medal. The author Maurice Sendak won the Caldecott Medal in 1964 with "Where the Wild Things Are" and has also received several other major literature Awards. 

The book tells the story of a naughty boy named Max and uses simple and interesting language. The storyline is warm-hearted and moving and involves themes of family. The book is for children aged 7-8.


One day a baby bat named Stellaluna could not fly and is chased by an owl becomes separated from her mother. She falls into a nest and must learn how to be a bird. That is when many interesting and incredible things happen...

After the publication of Stellaluna in the United States, the book won the annual Bestselling Children's Book Award (ABBY). The cute little Stellaluna in the book has captured the hearts of many children. The author Cannon has also become one of the most important children's book authors in the United States. 

This is a fantastic book that incorporates science and philosophy into it. At the end of the book, there are so many words that touch us: How can we feel so different and be so much alike? "Because we're friends." This book can also help children start to understand the concept of truth from the interesting storyline.

3 little pigs.jpg

Everyone has heard the story of the three little pigs. But not the version created by author Jon Scieszka. This time, the wolf is the protagonist and we learn the story from his point of view. The wolf believes the pigs are rude and that news reporters are sensational. Is the wolf innocent? Let's read the story together and find out the truth. 

The authors Scieszka and Smith use this vivid story to illustrate the writing skills of "taking humor seriously", and to show perspective of "different voices". This work is used by many American teachers to discuss "point of view", irony, rewriting, and book designing.


Judy and Peter find a board game under a big tree in the park, with the title "The Manchurian Jungle Adventure Game." This board game looks ordinary, but when Peter falls on the "lion attack", there is a real lion! What exactly is going on? 

As the game progresses, horrible jungle beasts such as pythons and rhinos come one after another. And, as the game says, "Can't stop the game once it starts," can they carry the game through to the end?

Author Allsburg is known as one of the most talented picture book authors in the United States, and his work won the 1982 the Caldecott Medal. He is good at using text to guide readers, and he is also adept at using delicate pictures and changing lights and shadows to create a mysterious atmosphere. 

In his book, the image and the text complement each other, together to create a true and illusory atmosphere, bringing endless reverie to the reader. This is a picture book that is very popular among children.

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