Our College Preparation Programs


College Preparation Bootcamp

This course is designed for students G8-G11 and helps them to become proactive participants in preparing and planning to go to college. Students will learn how to draft an academic game plan that they can use while in high school that is unique to their own academic goals, career interest, and personalities. These experiences will be the foundation for a long-term academic plan and can be used during the college admissions process.

College Counseling

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to gaining acceptance into top-tier universities. That is why it is so important for students to draft a college acceptance game plan that focuses on using their own unique experiences.

Students in this program will:

  • Receive one-on-one admissions advice and training. 

  • Have help with program and school selection. 

  • Get application assistance.   

  • Receive admissions essay writing guidance. 

  • Get interview preparation training.  

  • Receive advice with portfolio building.   

  • 6, 8, and 10 school counseling packages are available.