Our language arts programs for grades 1-11 have long been held in high esteem throughout Shanghai for their quality of teaching and for helping students reach their potential.  

Whether a student is reading novels for the first time or a refined reader of literature, New Horizons language arts courses are tailored to each level of learner.  


About Our Courses



Our Foundations program for students in grades 1-2 helps young learners build key competencies in reading, grammar, writing, and overall language comprehension. Our skills-based curriculum creates a fun and engaging classroom that helps students build confidence and mastery in core language arts concepts and helps them to transition to more advanced courses at New Horizons or international schools.  

Young Starters


In our Young Starters courses, we prepare students for the academically rigorous years to come with short creative assignments that introduce modes of writing, parts of speech, and other essential language arts concepts. Our G3 level students will respond to a number of writing prompts and engage their peers in regular class workshops, developing their self-confidence and building a solid foundation of reading and writing skills for the years to come.

Early Years


Our Early Years program doesn’t just teach reading and writing skills. It also works to find and nurture students’ natural passion for language, expression and creativity. We engage students on a personal level in order to develop their reading, comprehension, and writing skills. We also emphasize writing compositions that are grammatically and logically sound. 

Middle Year


Bridging the gap between elementary and middle school language programs can be challenging for Middle Year students. In our G6-7 level, students will get their first direct experience with longer non-fiction writing. Our instructors work to develop competency in the skills necessary to transition from writing simple paragraphs to writing complete, articulate, and well-reasoned reports.

Advanced Year


In our Advanced Year program for students G8-10, students begin the crucial transition from literal to symbolic thinking. This is a path of development that will serve them well as they begin to read classic works of English-language literature. At the same time, we introduce research skills and expect students to be able to build sustained arguments with well-supported factual evidence. Teachers emphasize the importance of organization and the revision process while honing essay proofreading skills.