Brian Johnson


Brian graduated from the University of Oregon, completing significant coursework in mathematics at the graduate level. During his professional career, Brian has earned several teaching certifications and has taught in Shanghai, Europe, and the U.S.A. As a senior test prep instructor with New Horizons, he brings a drive and passion for helping students maximize their potential!

Darren Keith Taylor


Darren is a dedicated teacher and has been teaching abroad for decades. He graduated from the University of Leeds, one of the six famous Red Brick Universities in Britain, and has a UK teaching license. He has taught English literature at international schools for many years in the UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and China. He also taught English at the University of Southampton and was also a senior IELTS examiner. He was involved with the marking and internal verifying of City and Guilds ESOL examination papers at all levels. With a proven ability to work with both native and non-native students, Darren is good at stimulating students' potential and is very popular among students.

Erin Taylor


Erin is an experienced English teacher, after finishing her BA (English writing), she received a Master's degree in Comparative Literature and a professional Certificate in Translation (German and French into English) from the "Ivy" Binghamton University. After graduation, she worked in educational publishing for many years. A career change to teaching English brought her back to Asia,and she teaches English skills at all levels, literatureand test prep. Her teaching style is rigorous but funny, and she is very popular among students. In her spare time, she travels, practices photography, and helps every stray animal she can. 

Derek Meyer


Derek is a very experienced teacher from Ohio, U.S, who began teaching in China in 2009. He earned a M.A in Global Studies in Education from University of 

Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was also an admissions officer of Global Education at Kent State University before coming to teach at New Horizons. 

ChaToyya Walker


In 2011, ChaToyya graduated with a degree in History and immediately left to begin teaching abroad. After one-year teaching in a Korean public school, she began coaching debate at an Academy located right outside of Seoul. Her students rose to rankings in both the middle school and high school national NSDA competitions and participated in a televised debate. She also has many years’ experience teaching literature and history programs.   

Mikel Green


Mikel is an experienced teacher from the United States and an avid traveler who has lived in Spain, Japan, Ethiopia, and China for extended periods of time. He graduated from Saint Louis University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a specialization in child psychology. He also double-minored in English Literature and Philosophy. During his university career, he completed numerous courses in general child psychology, family psychology, developmental psychology, cross cultural psychology, rhetorical analysis, creative writing, and advanced literary study that have helped him to become a well-rounded teacher. He also holds a TEFL certificate, which he received before traveling to Ethiopia in order to teach in a small village. Due to his professional and educational background, Mikel is adept at understanding the unique needs of each child, which makes him very popular among students.